Classical & High Performance ORGANIC PIGMENTS For Coloring Printing Inks,Plastics,Paints & Coatings.
Solvent Dyes & Metal Complex Dyes DYESTUFFS For Coloring plastics,fibers,waxes,wood stains,inks & paints.
Ultra Fine Dispersions DISPERSIONS Ultra fine pigment dispersions & disperse dye dispersions.
High Gloss & High Transparency PIGMENT CHIPS For flexo and gravure inks,paints & coatings.

Jetcolour International is a US based specialty chemical company dedicated in supplying hgih qualtiy organic pigments,solvent dyes,metal complex dyes,pigment dispersions and color chips for use in printing inks,paints,coatings,plastic masterbatches. Main products include organic pigments,azo pigments,lake pigments,carbazole pigments,benzimidazolone pigments,DPP pigments,perylene pigments,quinarcidone pigments,phthalocyanine pigments,phthalocyanine blue pigments,phthalocyanine green pigments; solvent dyes,metal complex dyes;pigment preparations,ultra fine pigment dispersions,nano disperse dye dispersions;pigment chips,color chips.

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